Writing Prompts: What if…?


Need help thinking of what to write? Here are some scenarios to get you going:

What if…

…you woke up and found that you’d been transformed into a platypus overnight? How would you cope with your every day routine? How would you explain what happened to you to your loved ones? Which aspects of your life would be affected and how?


…you suddenly found yourself in ________? How would you feel about it? What would you do? What’s the backstory about how you got there?
Options for locations:

-An exclusive gentleman’s club in Tokyo

-An international space station

-An enormous underground aquarium

-A vast beach with on an unpopulated desert island

-A hut in Siberia


…you got separated from your tour group in a foreign metropolis, where you cannot read or understand the native language, and have no access to a translator? How do you cope? Why are you here in the first place?


…you were on a quest to acquire a magical gemstone that could save the love of your life? What if a covert and sinister underground cult was also after this very same gemstone? How would you manage to get there first? How exactly does the gemstone work?

…there was a curse upon your family? For generations, tragic incidents have occurred, just as each of your ancestors was on the brink of success? Who originally put this curse upon your family? Which obstacle did you personally encounter, which inspired you to try and break this curse? How will you do it?


Happy writing! Feel free to share your experience and let me know if inspiration struck in the comments!


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