About The Author


Hello, and welcome!

My name is Lara Henerson, and in addition to being the name of a website, I am also a person. More specifically, a person who makes stuff up, mostly in the form of contemporary fantasy novels.

I was raised in a hippy town in Northern California, as well as a little village in the French Alps. When I’m not writing, I’m hugging big dogs, teaching or performing improv, or traveling the world.

I have a degree in Creative Writing from the University of Edinburgh, and I’m currently working on my fourth novel. (The first was a valiant attempt but ultimately terrible, the second was very close to my heart but not publishable, and the third recently got me an agent! The fourth is still in chaotic first-draft mode.)

On this website you are likely to find:

  • Embarrassing outdated posts written by my younger self
  • My hair in various stages of metamorphosis
  • A lot of rambling posts about my writing journey
  • Very silly amateur films I made a long time ago, and still might delete

There is also a high probability of feminist rants on the forecast.
Feel free to leave me a comment, and I hope you’ll enjoy your visit!

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