Start with this…

Not sure where to begin writing? Here are some random sentences to get you started…

The beast lunged, straining at the chain around his neck.

I can’t believe you forgot the egg… Do you know how much it’s worth?

There I was, standing in front of the vault. Time was running out… I racked my brain, trying to remember the code.

He kept digging, vigorously, sweat pouring, until at last, the shovel hit something solid. He bent down, and pulled the object out of the earth. It was a clock.

You’ve never heard a man snore like Winston did, the old cheapskate. 

There were five mud huts surrounding the hill, and the mansion sprawled over the very top, sparkling white in the morning sun.

I felt my heart contract as we spotted each other. He leered at me through the window, his face all too familiar.

I climbed back towards the circle of light, the scroll stuffed in my pocket. 

I’d love to know where these prompts took you. Let me know in the comments! 🙂


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